Commercial Finance Market Place

Commercial Finance Market Place

How it works

The information provided so far hopefully will help you by providing background information about commercial and business finance in general and our own company in particular.

We have tried to briefly outline on the finance home page of this web site issues that currently affect interest rates, and you will also see the current bank base rate and the prevailing domestic standard rate indicated in the box on our home page.

There are a multitude of factors that affect interest rate policy - some of them political, some of them due to economic factors in this country, but (more importantly these days) some of them due to economic factors in both Europe and the world at large.

The main conclusion at present has to be that there really cannot be a better time to be looking to embark upon a business venture involving property acquisition, as it is generally felt that property will remain an excellent long-term investment.

If you have any doubts, or require any guidance on any aspect of our services, you should not hesitate to pick up the phone and call our office.