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Nationwide stock taking and stock valuation services for all retail, catering and service businesses.

Our Stock Takers act for both vendor and purchaser and give a fair, unbiased stock valuation of the "stock in trade" in these cases it is normal for the parties to share the fee equally.

Stock-takes are carried out on a 100% count basis. Everything is counted and nothing is guessed. The final figure will be written into a legally binding agreement and signed by all parties.

Our competitive price structure gives the best value in the industry.

Stock-take and Stock Valuation FAQs

Clients often pose questions to us in regard to stock taking and stock valuations. Below are the more frequent ones.

Do I need a stocktaker when I buy or sell a business?
No both the vendor and buyer can do this between them, but the cost of an independent stock taker can be split between purchaser and seller, do you want to be counting stock on completion?

What information will I get?
On completion of a transfer valuation we issue a certificate which will show the cost of the stock in the grouping. The certificate is issued to both parties who can use it to arrange release of funds.

What will it cost?
It is normal practice in the industry to charge a fee based on a % of the cost value of the final valuation. Please contact us for a free no obligation quotation.

Do I need to engage my own stocktaker?
This is not necessary as in most cases as independent stocktakers can act for both vendor and purchaser, usually the stocktake fee is then shared equally by them.

How much booking notice should I give?
As with most things in life the longer the better, but we have been able to do valuations on the same day, please call for a free quote.

How is the valuation worked out?
The valuation is worked out on the good saleable stock at cost price, if stock is out of date or damaged it will be not included in the valuation.

How long will it take?
The bigger the job the more people we send along to complete the contract on the day, it takes as long as needed and is only finished when all parties are satisfied.

Do I have to close the business whilst the stock take is being done?
We can work around you; this avoids upsetting customers and allows the minimum disruption to your operation.

Can you carry out the work at the weekend or even bank holidays ?
Yes we can, and please note we do not raise our fee for weekend or bank holiday work.

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