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Multi-site advertising is crucial to achieve the best selling price, the more people who know your business is for sale, the more people that will want to see your business and the more offers that you will receive.

We pay to advertise your business on leading business for sale portals, this does not cost you a penny.

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In addition to just advertising your business for sale Nationwide Businesses will be making appointments with you for prequalified buyers of the correct status, this helps you insure your safety. We will negotiate on your behalf to get you the best price and deal with all parties including solicitors to help the smooth completion of the sale.

You can pay out 1,003.20 to advertise your business on the above website but there is no guarantee of results and after 6 months you need to start again. Advertising companies do not care if they sell your business as they have already been paid.  We are the UK's largest 'No Sale No Fee' Business Transfer Agents and only get paid on completion of the sale.

We have a tried and tested formula to achieve the best results for you:

 Sell a Business We value businesses correctly, we know what sells and prices achieved.
 Sell a Business We prepare professional details for you to approve.
 Sell a Business We have the largest database of buyers, all matched customers will be contacted.
 Sell a Business We pay to advertise your business on all the leading portals.
 Sell a Business All the portals will contact their database of buyers letting them know that Nationwide Businesses your business for sale.

We offer a 24/7 service to all customers and deal with enquires quickly and in a professional manner, this ensures that we are contacting customers before other agents get a chance too.